Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Style.Com Debacles

In this addition of "Style.Com Debacles"

the "oh where's my apple" 
 Horror at ZSpoke by Zac Posen F2012 RTW

Dear ZSpoke people,
Can we please discuss the images you've released?
I'd really prefer to speak of the clothes you've launched in this collection but unfortunately this joy has been viscously torn away from me.
Let's get some facts straight, when releasing images of a collection you should be considering three things.
1- Are the clothes looking like the greatest thing since sliced bread?
2- will anyone talk about these clothes, and if they do can they use these images?
3- will Anna like it?
While not much can be done in order to secure the third item on the list, the other two are no brainers.
I understand that vampires are cool. Twighlight lookalike models are all the rage and maybe, just maybe, some R.Pats obsessed teen will love the concept and rave about it on her itty bitty teen blog and be all "JOMGSH The nu Zspoke is so twi!!!" but for us "fashion" people- you have produced a massive headache. Personally, I love Posen, it's cute and fun but tailored just so without all the crazy that Ackerman brings to the mix. As I eagerly load the latest colletions on my beloved, holding my breath for the images of you new collection I am accosted by horror.
Stiff models, cut off limbs, strange compositions. Fine, someone wanted to do something different, so stick a model on a cardboard box in a warehouse and shoot with only a ringflash. Or stick them in a school gym ala Givenchy. Don't give me bad studio work, pretending to be cool "different" shots. Models who are stiff and contorted work in editorials, not in lookbooks. I have no idea of how glorious that tweed-y dress is, or how beautiful the draping that was painstakingly done by some old lady at a  factory somewhere is.  Shoot me, I want my images simple, frontal shot of model standing with arms at side.

I can only conclude this: your collection is so-so. You've not put any effort into displaying it correctly because it's faults will be seen loud and clear.

So next time, either do it right or not at all.
Beware of the vampires...

the H&M camagin shot

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