The Holy Fashionista is a blog created to cater to my love of fashion, media and beautiful imagery.
This blogger means no harm, and the use of religious terminology (saints etc.) is done in humor alone.

About the blogger:
I'm Dar, 21 and Israeli. Do to over-exposure as a child to Vogue and leather goods, I became a fashion aficionado. A firm believer in quality over quantity, and that it better be leather. I like to take photos in my free time, write scathing essays about faux-pas and the quality of clothing displayed on the runways, and play with my cats. A child of the 90's I have a phobia of fanny-packs and adore anything Olsen.

Caffine and sugar are my main food groups along with avocado and almonds. I am attempting to study french and find a dry cleaner for my cashmere.

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