Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Of Dreams and Bags

We all have a dream bag.
I have the ability to fall in love with a bag once it is no longer available.

Case 1: Balenciaga Electric Blue 2008 Part Time with Silver hardware
I saw it while brunching with my mother on vacation in NYC @ Mercer's Kitchen.
NOTE: best brunch menu ever
It was love at first sight, I'd always dreamt of a Bal but the combo.
(obviously it was sold out, and out of my high school senior price range)
But a girl can dream non? So I cherished it in my little fashion midget heart. The summer after high school I worked and worked, then bought my first designer bag! When I turned 20 I was gifted anther bag.
 I loved them both, but still.. my heart bled for that bright blue.
 Then, it happened! A lovely lady put one on sale on eBay, it was scary but... I went for it.
Dived right in, put my bid... and WON! 

Case 2: The Givenchy Pandora
I don't know what it is about this bag, maybe it's the strange lopsided shape.
Is it a box bag? A messenger? Top handle? What?
It's just pure lovely-ness. I was lucky to purchase mine on sale and make a dream come true.
Who doesn't love finding their romeo of bags?
I sure do, my prince has super soft leather and some gold bling on the front.

Case 3: YSL Besace Messenger
I don't know why, but I fell in love with it 6 months ago. Makes no sense, there are amazing bags on the market now. I've never been an "it-bag" girl, so I love a nice oldie.
I'm still searching for this, so if you see one tell me! I'll bake you cookies or make you quinoa.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blast From The Past

I adore the past (I'm a history buff too!)
My all time fave from the past is the Prada F/W 07 collection,
I had the pleasure of fondling the actual clothes while in tokyo.
I dearly regret not buying one of those big bird coats, even if it was hot and humid outside.
אני אוהבת את העבר
מתוך כל הקולקתיות שהיו האהובה עליי היא פראדה חורף 07
היתה לי ההזדמנות לחוש את הפריטים בטוקיו
אי אפשר לתאר את הצער שלי על כך שלא השכלתי לרכוש איזה מעיל ביג ברדת למרות חוסר השימוש בבגדים חמים בארץ