Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Of Dreams and Bags

We all have a dream bag.
I have the ability to fall in love with a bag once it is no longer available.

Case 1: Balenciaga Electric Blue 2008 Part Time with Silver hardware
I saw it while brunching with my mother on vacation in NYC @ Mercer's Kitchen.
NOTE: best brunch menu ever
It was love at first sight, I'd always dreamt of a Bal but the combo.
(obviously it was sold out, and out of my high school senior price range)
But a girl can dream non? So I cherished it in my little fashion midget heart. The summer after high school I worked and worked, then bought my first designer bag! When I turned 20 I was gifted anther bag.
 I loved them both, but still.. my heart bled for that bright blue.
 Then, it happened! A lovely lady put one on sale on eBay, it was scary but... I went for it.
Dived right in, put my bid... and WON! 

Case 2: The Givenchy Pandora
I don't know what it is about this bag, maybe it's the strange lopsided shape.
Is it a box bag? A messenger? Top handle? What?
It's just pure lovely-ness. I was lucky to purchase mine on sale and make a dream come true.
Who doesn't love finding their romeo of bags?
I sure do, my prince has super soft leather and some gold bling on the front.

Case 3: YSL Besace Messenger
I don't know why, but I fell in love with it 6 months ago. Makes no sense, there are amazing bags on the market now. I've never been an "it-bag" girl, so I love a nice oldie.
I'm still searching for this, so if you see one tell me! I'll bake you cookies or make you quinoa.

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