Monday, April 9, 2012

It's A Vacation!

So,  it's Easter/Pesach and I'm on vacation!
(okay, not-working like my parents & significant other)

What does one wear on to visit Grandma?

Missoni! Chanel! Marni! 
(Sweater&Shoes Missoni. T-Shirt- Zara Linen Collection. Necklace MarniXH&M. Pants Jbrand.) 

What does one wear to the forest? (okay, mountain aka Jerusalem)

Olive and Black (Camouflage! Lest I be seen...) Also, Making shmexy faces and exhibiting usual grace.

Lovley View, though. 

Also, behold the pretty - Hermes, my Doberman.

(all photos are (c) Dar Diamant.) (the out of focus shots are curtesy of my sig. other)

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