Monday, February 13, 2012


Bill = <3

I adore this man, love everything he does, he has an amazing eye and an even more amazing spirit.
If you haven't watched the documentary about him, you had better not be reading this but watching that!!

A true artist, with a love for beauty, Bill is.
He still shoots film, wears his basic (french garbage man coat, because is you wear workwear it better be french) clothes and rides his bike across NY. Bill is nothing like todays glitzy photographers or streetbloggers. Bill is old school, he is all eye no bells and whistles.
(also, Anna loves him which makes him all that much more awesome)
Bill is just look, spot, point and shoot.

Bill's "On The Street" on the Times,  engage to supersonic speed don't run, here.

(Picture via StreetFSN)

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