Friday, February 10, 2012

The Style.Com Debacles Part II

Or how to do it right.
Jenni Kayne FW2012 RTW

It's no secret that I tots adore Jenni Kayne.  
The collection all ooze that cool girl vibe we all wish we had, and when we try, we fail. 
Maybe it's the styling, maybe it's those awesome fur hats, maybe it's the fact that no normal human can wear a burgundy three piece suit with furry d'orsay moccasins (with the exception of russion it-girl socialite Miroslava Duma). In any case, dear ZSpoke ZP people, this is how you should do the fashionweek presntation of a collection that is not a runway. Clean white background, good lighting, well displayed clothing, model with little expression or make-up. 

I am now off to search the world for a furry hat and a burgundy 3 piece, regradless of the fact that I will look a fool for trying to wear it all.

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